The Oakland Education Association is the exclusive bargaining agent for teachers, counselors, nurses, psychologists, librarians, speech pathologists, social workers and substitute teachers in K-12, Early Childhood and Adult Education in the Oakland Unified School District. We have approximately 2700 members. We are governed by an Executive Board elected by the membership. The policy making body is the Representative Council consisting of elected members from each school site. We are affiliated with the 3.2 million National Education Association (NEA) and the 325,00 member California Teachers Association (CTA). We are committed to advocating for a quality public education for all children.

The Oakland Education Association is committed to improve wages, working conditions, and professional standards for all of our unit members. Our aim is to ensure effective teaching and learning in all classrooms in the City of Oakland.

  • We will provide quality representation and respectful, fair and professional treatment for all unit members.
  • We will promote and protect Public Education as the foundation of a democratic society.
  • We will advocate for social justice and civil rights for our unit members, our students, and our community.


  • Free, quality public education is a right for all children.
  • There is an essential connection between our members and students, and therefore, a quality working environment for members equals a quality learning environment for students.
  • OEA members are strong advocates for students, and work tirelessly on behalf of students.
  • OEA members deserve to be respected and treated as professionals

Executive Board and School Site Representatives Information