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Events & Committees

OEA Events & Committees


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The Legal Rights of Union Stewards – Come learn about the legal rights that we have as OEA Reps so we can continue to build power and defend our contract.

  • Tuesday, October 25th from 4-6 – IN-PERSON at OEA (272 E 12th St); food provided
  • Thursday, October 27th from 5-6 – on Zoom

Site Organizing Training 1 (SOT 1) is about building an organizational structure at your school site.

  • Tuesday, September 13th from 5-6 – on Zoom
  • Thursday, September 15th from 4-6 – IN-PERSON at OEA (272 E 12th St); food provided

Site Organizing Training 2 (SOT 2) is about understanding our contract and how to defend it using the grievance process.

  • Tuesday, October 11th from 5-6 – on Zoom
  • Thursday, October 13th from 4-6 – IN-PERSON at OEA (272 E 12th St); food provided

Site Organizing Training 3 (SOT 3) is about turning a site-based issue or grievance into a sustained, long-term, effective, and winning campaigns

  • Postponed from 5-6 – on Zoom
  • Postponed from 4-6 – IN-PERSON at OEA (272 E 12th St); food provided


Site Representative Council Meetings are where our Site Reps come to meet and vote on issues, as well as receive training on how to be excellent Site Reps. These meetings are open to all OEA union members, however if you are not a site representative, then you do not have a voting voice at these meetings.

  • Dates: First Working Mondays of the Month
  • How to attend: ​Ask your Site Representative or other OEA Leadership for the location/Zoom ID to attend.


The Executive Board is the executive body created by the members of the Association to implement the policies of the Association.

  • The Executive Board members:
    • Ismael Armendariz, President;
    • Ismael Armendariz, 1st Vice President
    • Kampala Taiz-Rancifer, 2nd Vice President;
    • Bethany Meyer, Secretary;
    • Joey Notaro, Treasurer;
    • Vilma Serrano (Seat 1);
    • Rodney Brown (Seat 2);
    • David Byrd (Seat 3);
    • Vacant (Seat 4);
    • Mayra Alvarado (Seat 5);
    • Sayuri “Siy” Sakamoto Valenza (Seat 6);
    • Myeisha Jones (Seat 7);
    • Olivia Udovic (Seat 8);
    • Carrie Anderson (Seat 9);
    • Vacant (Seat 10);
    • Liz Pauw (Seat 11);
    • Sharon Thomas (Seat 12)
  • Dates: First and Third Wednesdays


  • Please reach out to 2nd Vice President Kampala Taiz-Rancifer for more information about committees
  • Bargaining Co-Chairs (appointed): Vilma Serrano and Tim Douglas
  • Political Involvement Committee (Shelby Ziesing, Chair)
  • Grievance Committee (appointed committee Carrie Anderson, Chair; Dennis Nelson, Vice-Chair)
  • Elections Committee (appointed committee Ana Ferrus-Garcia, Chair)
  • Bylaws (Sylvie Cohn, Chair)
  • School Safety (Katherine Gibson, Chair)


  • OEA Holiday Happy Hour – Tuesday, December 13 (Check your OEA email for more information)
  • Bylaws Committee Meeting – Wednesday, December 14 (Check your OEA email for more information)
  • Winter Break (Some CDCs open) – December 19 – 30
  • PD Day – Tuesday, January 3