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February 22 OEA Bargaining Update (letter from President)
February 22 OEA Bargaining Proposal (P50, full detail)

OEA Proposal Package – May 14, 2018 (OEA P49)

Article 01 Agreement
Article 03 Definitions
Article 06 Association Rights
Article 07 Employee Rights
Article 10 Hours of Work
Article 11 Leaves
Article 12 Vacancy Transfer Consolidation Policy
Article 13 Performance Evaluation
Article 15 Class Size and Caseloads
Article 17 Safety and Security Conditions
Article 21 Special Services and Specialized Assignments
Article 23 (signed TA) Summer School
Article 24 P49 Compensation
Article 25 P49 Peer Assistance and Review

History of Bargaining Proposals

For a detailed record of the OEA and OUSD proposals and counter-proposals, see:

Status of each article (bargaining proposals in full detail)

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Bargaining Updates

Updates are summaries of proposals in PDF format provided by OEA on the bargaining status.

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Demand to Bargain Over Decision to Close Neighborhood Schools

OEA President Keith Brown sent two letters to OUSD demanding to bargain school closures (on 12.21.18 and 01.28.19).  Another letter was sent to OUSD demanding that Roots International receive proper funding instead of being shut down. So far OUSD has only agreed to bargain the effects of school closures (e.g. layoffs), but not to bargain the closure of schools. OEA continues to demand to bargain against school closures.

Letter no. 1 demanding to bargain school closures [PDF]

Letter no. 2 demanding to bargain school closures  [PDF]

Letter demanding not to close Roots.  [PDF]

Fact Finding Documents

Joint Statement of Issues

Fact Finding in A Nutshell

OUSD Fact Finding Letter

OEA Fact Finding PERB Letter

PERB Fact Finding Letter

OEA Fact Finding Presentation

Neutral party fact finding report