2019-20 Committee & Caucus Breakdown

In accordance with the bylaws, all meeting room requests, minutes, and Standing Rules are to be shared with the 2nd Vice President.



  • Chair TBD


  • Chair: Bethany Meyer [email protected] 
  • Maintains consistent communication across platforms aligned with our strategic plan


  • President appointed
  • Chair: Ana Ferrius- Garcia [email protected] 
  • Meets as needed to prepare and run elections


  • Appointed by President
  • Chair: Carrie Anderson [email protected] 
  • Meets monthly to organize around grievances

Health Care and Benefits Board (HBGB):

  • OEA President and appointee attend
    • Keith Brown and John Green
  • Comprised of representatives from all labor units
  • Make decisions related to health care benefits

Membership Assistance Committee:

  • Appointed by President
  • Activated and meets as needed, ie during strike

Political Involvement:

  • President Appointed Chair only
  • Chairs: Shelby Ziesing and Jeremy Wolff [email protected] [email protected] 
  • Engages with community orgs, politicians, and political candidates on behalf of OEA
  • Preparing for 2020 elections

Professional Development:

  • Chair: Chaz Garcia [email protected] 
  • Work refocused this fall to align with strategic plan in planning the Leadership Conference

Race and Privatization:

  • Meets bimonthly
  • Chair: Kampala Taiz-Rancifer [email protected] 
  • Working to support Educator Family Organizers with parent and community engagement

School Finance Committee:

  • Chair: Joey Notaro [email protected] 
  • Working to:
    • Hold the district accountable to spending equitably on students and classrooms at the site level and reduce district spending on consultants and administrators
    • Fight to fully fund public education for the schools that all students deserve

Scholarship Committee:

  • Meets as needed to determine scholarship winners
  • Chair: Ben Visnick [email protected] 
  • Seeking additional members to support

Social Committee:

  • Chair: Rosenda Thomas [email protected]
  • Plan and organize socials, the annual holiday party, and retirement party

Waiver Committee:

  • Appointed by President
  • Chair: Rodney Brown [email protected] 
  • Meets as needed to review and make recommendations to E Board for waivers 




Black Women’s Caucus:

  • Chair: rotating 
  • Regularly scheduled meetings not set. Next meeting October 8th

ECE Caucus:

Latinx Caucus:

  • Beginning stages of development
  • Chair and Standing Rules tbd

Teacher Substitute Caucus: 

  • Chair: Laura Rice-Hall  [email protected]
  • Vice Chair: Rosenda Thomas
  • Meetings held the third Tuesday of the month

Early Childhood Caucus:

  • In beginning stages of development Organizer: Vilma Serrano [email protected] 
  • Chair and Standing Rules tbd

Newcomer Caucus:

  • beginning stages of development
  • Organizer: Patricia Segura