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Cal/OSHA deals with issues such as environmental conditions in your classroom or work place, electrical problems, mold, hygiene issues, and other hazards. For expedited results follow the
directions below. The contact person is at the bottom of this form. Send email with following information if applicable. Has the district been notified? In your professional judgement has the
situation been remedied in a reasonable amount of time? Please include the following information, if available:

  •  Name, address, and telephone number of the worksite
  •  Type of business
  •  Name and job title of the manager [immediate supervisor] at the worksite
  •  Your name, address, telephone number and email address
  •  Detailed description of the hazard
  •  If worksite is large, the specific location of the hazard
  •  Operations, equipment, machinery, and chemicals used at the worksite
  •  Work tasks performed near the hazard
  •  How often the work tasks are performed and for how long at any one time
  •  Number of work shifts, the time that each shift begins, and the shift when the hazard occurs
  •  Number of employees at the worksite, number of employees who may be exposed to the hazard, and how close the employees are to the hazard
  •  How long you expect the hazard will continue to exist at the worksite
  •  If there is an employee bargaining unit representative [OEA Site Rep] for the worksite, the person’s name and contact information

Oakland District Office
Wendy Hogle-Lui, District Manager
1515 Clay Street, Ste. 1303
Oakland, CA 94612
phone: (510) 622-2916
fax: (510) 622-2908
email: [email protected]