On Wednesday, the school board plans to vote on a “Community of Schools – City-Wide Plan,” which is another step toward their implementation of a portfolio district in Oakland. As we highlighted during our strike, the school board and Superintendent are following a plan pushed by GO Public Schools (whose billionaire-funded PAC  got the majority of our school board elected) — and funded nationally by out-of-state billionaires like Enron trader turned hedge fund manager John Arnold; Netflix founder Reed Hastings; Microsoft founder Bill Gates; and Wal-Mart heir Carrie Walton Penner — to turn Oakland into a portfolio school district. Portfolio districts — like New Orleans, Detroit, or Newark – have a patchwork of privatizations schemes, including a system where public and charter schools compete against each other for resources and support, creating a system of haves and have nots and exacerbating segregation and equity issues. In portfolio districts, rating systems are installed to justify closing “low performing” neighborhood schools, usually in the face of overwhelming community opposition. It is GO’s “Community of Schools” plan that requires OUSD to close up to 24 public schools in Oakland’s Black and Latinx communities, while charter schools are allowed to continue their expansion. The vote on Wednesday will not close any schools, and will not actually implement other elements of the portfolio district – but it is an affirmation by the board of a plan and timeline to take those votes.