February 23, 2019 Bargaining Update

The last two days were beautiful and powerful, and I want you to know that I am so proud of what we have built together in our fight for the schools Oakland students deserve. Your commitment to Oakland kids put thousands of teachers, parents and students on our picket lines each day, and thousands more in the streets! Your singing and dancing and chanting echoed throughout the Town, all over California, across the Country, and around the world!

OEA demands to bargain school closures with OUSD

OEA President Keith Brown sent two letters to OUSD demanding to bargain school closures (on 12.21.18 and 01.28.19). Another letter was sent to OUSD demanding that Roots International receive proper funding instead of being shut down. So far OUSD has only agreed to bargain the effects of school closures (e.g. layoffs), but not to bargain…