On Sunday, March 3, Oakland Education Association members voted to ratify our contract. With a turnout of over 70% of OEA members voting, the results were 64% YES for the 2017/18 contract term, and 58% for the 20/21 contract term. With gains in every key area, this contract lays a solid foundation for the challenging fight ahead to ensure that all Oakland kids have access to fully-funded, well-resourced public schools in their neighborhood with great educators and support staff that can afford to stick around.

The real victory of our historic strike for the schools our students deserve lies in the power and unity we built at our school sites, in our union, and in the city of Oakland. Tens of thousands of Oaklanders of all ages joined us on our picket lines and at our mass rallies and actions. 3% of OUSD’s 37,000 students attended school during the strike, a tremendous act of solidarity from our students and families. Our union has never been stronger — with 95% of our members honoring the strike and new leaders stepping up at all 86 of our Oakland public schools — and we are determined to keep fighting.

The city of Oakland has spoken. No longer will we allow a handful of billionaires determine the educational opportunities of Oakland kids. We will continue to organize with each other and fight until we have truly realized the schools our students deserve.