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(note: The following four articles are also part of the Tentative Agreement, and are included in this PDF: Article 8 – Affirmative Action, Article 11 – Leaves, Article 14 – Grievance, and Article 23 – Summer School)

What We Won (Summary of TA)

History of OUSD salary proposals

2019-2020 Calendar

Ratification Process

All-member ratification vote, March 3, 12-4 pm, Paramount Theatre

The members of the Oakland Education Association — the teachers, counselors, nurses, psychologists, librarians, speech pathologists, social workers, teacher substitutes and other support staff of the Oakland public schools — will meet Sunday, March 3 to cast their vote on whether to ratify the tentative agreement or not. If a majority of the membership votes yes, we will ratify the contract and end the strike. If a majority of the membership votes no, the strike will continue.

We are proud to be a democratic union of educators fighting together for the schools Oakland students deserve!

  • Doors open at Noon and check-in starts
  • Meeting Starts at 12:30 with presentation on the T.A.
  • Debate and questions begin at 1:20
  • Voting begins (and debate and questions continue) at 1:45
  • Voting Ends at 4:00
    (Once you vote, you can’t re-enter the meeting)

After seven days on strike – with 95% of our members on the line, 97% of students out of school, and tens of thousands on our picket lines and rallies – we have reached a Tentative Agreement! This is a historic contract with a win in every major proposal we made, that moves us toward a win for the schools Oakland students deserve! Next steps: a member discussion and ratification vote – after a 24 hour period for full review. More details to come in the next few hours via OEA’s website and social media platforms. Here are the highlights of the agreement.


11% salary increase over 4 years. PLUS a 3% bonus upon ratification. We FORCED OUSD to invest in keeping teachers in Oakland – which will give our kids experienced teachers in their classrooms. Dramatic increases for subs, and tying sub pay to the wage scale, so our substitutes never fall behind again.


More counselors, RSPs, psychologists, speech pathologists and Newcomer support staff for our students! Bonuses and a new salary schedule to support nurse recruitment.


A one student reduction in class size at high needs schools next year. A one student reduction in class sizes across all schools in 2021-22. We FORCED OUSD to take this step to improve student learning conditions, especially at our highest-needs schools.


Board President Aimee Eng has committed to introduce a resolution calling for a 5 month pause on school closures and consolidations, and more community input into the process. The power of our strike will help us organize against future closures!


Board President Aimee Eng has committed to introduce a resolution calling for a charter school moratorium, similar to the one passed by the LAUSD Board as a result of UTLA’s historic strike. Next step: Sacramento!


You united the community behind the fight for public education in Oakland and YOU WON.

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