“Today’s Janus decision by the Supreme Court continued its assault on working people, women, immigrants, and Muslims. President Trump will likely have appointed 20% of our nation’s judges by the end of his presidency, and reshape the courts for generations to come. Courts will be used as tools of oppression. No way to sugarcoat that. All is not lost, but only by developing new strategies to build power will we be able to create a more just society.”

-David Goldberg, Los Angeles elementary teacher and CTA Secretary Treasurer


Our Members = Our Strength

Wasteful OUSD budgeting. School privatizers. California’s under-investment in students. The challenges are many. The Supreme Court’s decision adds another obstacle to achieving the schools are children deserve, but our union strength has never been about finances. We’re always outspent by hostile employers and right-wing billionaires. Our advocacy is only as successful as our members are engaged, organized and active.