OEA Bargaining Team Declares IMPASSE!: “We’re NOT Going To Take It – Anymore.”

After 18 long months, 30 all-day sessions totaling almost 200 hours of negotiations, your OEA Bargaining Team has determined that no further movement is possible between the parties at this time. Your OEA Bargaining Team has informed the Public Employees Relation Board that we declare impasse. Impasse is invoked when there is a deadlock in bargaining.


May 30th, 4:30-6:30 at Oakland High

We will provide information on what impasse means, reject the district’s insulting proposals, and begin the organizing for How to Win in the fall.


May 9th – “Why We Are READY To STRIKE”- Rally and March on School Board – #OEAContractNow –

Dear OEA Sisters and Brothers,

The Teacher Spring of 2018 has provided inspiration and energy to educators across the country.

We in Oakland and throughout California have had enough of being the fifth largest economy in the world, yet one of the lowest states in funding for schools.
You have seen in communications from OEA the word strike for the first time. The legal processes for calling a strike can not be completed before the end of the year.

But, if the district does not come with significant proposals on May 14, there will likely be movement toward declaring impasse, the first stage in the process.

So, it is time to consider, and time to inform OUSD, what you are ready to strike for.

The one thing that could make a difference to the district offer on May 14 is you. The district must believe that we are ready to do what is necessary to put students at the center.
Your presence on May 9 is critical to what is offered on May 14. See you there for some or all of the Rally to the Board!

In unity,

Trish Gorham

OEA President


4:[email protected] Dewey Academy (1111 2nd Ave) for food, speakers and to Vote on Contract Campaign Next Steps

5:[email protected] School Board Meeting to demand Smaller Class Size and a Raise! Let the Board know “Why We Are READY To STRIKE” (La Escuelita Elementary, 1050 2nd Ave / Enter on E. 10th St.)

Community and Teacher March For A Fair Contract — 700 Strong #United4OaklandKids

Thanks everyone for coming out!!! We’re far from done Oakland Unified School District because we’re #United4OaklandKids#UnionStrong, and want a fair #OEAContractNow for Oakland. Mark your calendar. Join us on May 9th. We’re heading to the OUSD School Board next. Details forthcoming.

International Community School and Think College Now Teachers  —  #WeAreOEA #OEAContractNow

Labor Video Project  video of interviews of OEA and community members from the opening rally.

Video of big Oakland Education Association march today for a fair contract: Teachers and parents chanted together, “Hey Oakland Unified, you can run but you can’t hide!” @OaklandEA #WeAreCTA https://t.co/loeZQ7gVPd

— Mike Myslinski (@ctaMike) April 25, 2018