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2018 OEA Leadership Election Results

Congratulations to Keith Brown, our new OEA President.  See complete 2018 OEA Leadership election results here.


We are a democratic organization, where every member is encouraged to run for local, state or national positions in OEA and our affiliates.


We conduct online elections for:

  • OEA Leadership positions including: President, OEA Officers and at-large Executive Board seats.
  • Delegates to CTA Convention, NEA Convention and  NEA-Representative Assembly (Local & State).
  • Certificated representatives to CTA State Council.

Check your personal email or mail box for OEA-Simply Voting communications and to complete a ballot.

With OEA Simply Voting, you can vote using your cell phone, tablet or personal computer!


Detailed Voting Instructions Are Here 

Elections questions: [email protected]